The cast of a successful cable television drama series has a really dramatic love affair playing out on the set, and it’s about to get even more interesting!

There are four cast members involved.

Two actors, two actresses. Actor A is married. Actor B is single. Actress C is married with child/ren. Actress D is single.

Since Actor B and Actress D were both single, Actress C decided to set them up together.

Cute, right? It wasn’t one of those big, showy dating situations, but the couple did do plenty of photo ops together.

It was fun for the fans of the show to see the costars dating “in real life”.

Well, Actress D left the show. Nothing dramatic.

It happens in big ensemble shows. She just moved on to another television show.

There was some speculation as to whether Actor B and Actress D would continue to date after she left the show.

Nope, it was over.

She moved on and he moved on.

Only he moved on to someone else in the cast. No, Actor B he didn’t start having an affair with Actress C.

He started having an affair with Actor A!

It turns out that Actor A and Actor B are both gay.

Actress D was just a bearding situation!

But, wait! Actor A is gay? What?

That intense, uber-masculine guy who is married?

Oh, yes! Actor A and Actor B now spend all their time together.

On set, in their trailers, charity events, etc. they are very attached to each other and very intense as a couple.

The producer and everyone in the cast and crew all know what’s going on (but, of course, no one is about to tell Actor A’s wife!).

Now, here’s another reason why this is an interesting story: Actor B is planning to come out in 2014!

This presents two problems: Married Actor A would have to distance himself from Actor B if he did come out, as it would become very obvious that the two are spending an unusually large amount of time together.

Secondly, having Actor B come out while the show is still on the air could hurt the show’s very masculine demographic appeal.

Will Actor B come out soon, or will he wait until the show is over before doing so? What will happen to the Actor A/Actor B couple?

The cast and crew are all abuzz about this one!

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