The cable channel did the alliterate former talk show host dirty by using footage from years ago to make it look like she still has a drinking problem, which she doesn’t.


Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams makes a dramatic return to screens this month with a highly anticipated Lifetime documentary titled “Where Is Wendy Williams?” The documentary offers an intimate look into the past two tumultuous years of Williams’ life, during which she largely vanished from the public eye. Scheduled for a two-night debut on Feb. 24 and 25 at 8 p.m. PT, the trailer teases shocking footage of Williams visibly inebriated, struggling with memory loss, and emotionally distressed, all while insisting she is of sound mind.

As the documentary delves into Williams’ journey, viewers witness her battles with health issues, including COVID-19, Graves’ disease, and lymphedema, which led to the cancellation of “The Wendy Williams Show” in February 2022. With unprecedented access to Williams and her family over nearly two years, the documentary captures unexpected moments, revealing a side of Williams that few knew existed.

The trailer also sheds light on Williams’ complex relationship with fame and her struggles under financial guardianship, a topic she and her sister vehemently question. Williams’ son, Kevin Hunter Jr., expresses concern about his mother’s relentless desire to return to television despite her evident struggles.

Throughout the documentary’s airing, Lifetime will provide viewers with resources addressing substance abuse, mental health, Graves’ disease, and lymphedema. “Where Is Wendy Williams?” promises to be a compelling and revealing exploration of one of television’s most enigmatic personalities.

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