She was out of the country on that little French island.

That sure did look like the husband of the three named celebrity who has children with multiple A listers. Nothing wrong with the husband hanging out with his wife. Except for one tiny detail. She was out of the country on that little French island. Isn't he on bail? Is he allowed to leave the country?

He has had lots of beautiful women but they were all paid for

This B list celebrity/former reality star and all around money hustler has always had a thing for women. I remember one time the married celeb set her sights on this B list singer/celebrity/actress who got her start on a reality show. Our celeb was convinced she had a chance at the singer and gave her the full court press and bought her gifts and took her to dinner and even introduced her to someone who would make the singer a huge star. The catch was the singer had to play with our B lister. When the singer thought she was talented enough to get the deal without playing she found all doors to the recording industry suddenly closed. No more records for her. She had to find different ways to make money which is why she looked to televison and movies. Our B list celebrity had no problems convincing her first husband to join her with other women.