21 01, 2021

When the woman brought in for the married man saw the cameras, she freaked out.

The long time beard of the host/producer/mogul has been yachting to make ends meet. I already wrote about that. What’s interesting is she found another woman to be the companion of this married man. One thing the beard didn't mention was the paps that are following the beard. When the woman brought in for the married man saw the cameras, she freaked out. It didn't stop her from hooking up with the guy, but she definitely was trying to hide the yachting thing from getting out.

15 07, 2020

Before she starts talking

With this model struggling so much financially, it would be wise of this A list host/mogul to make a deal with her before she starts talking or takes him to court over payments she says he is responsible for.

15 09, 2019

3 blinds in a row

I guess no one told the A+ list singer where the boyfriend actually went to school and that he was described as an "utter prick." / This former A list athlete won't make it through the first week of this network reality show if he keeps using drugs like he is. / The host/mogul is discovering that it is way easier to give a raise and renew a contract than to find a new beard.

14 03, 2019

She just wasn’t into it any longer.

This mogul/host/producer had to bid adieu to another beard. She just wasn't into it any longer. She lasted awhile, but wasn't getting anything out of it other than a paycheck. He refused to really help her advance her career.

11 01, 2019

3 blinds in a row

It is interesting to me that this A+/A list mostly movie actress who does not have an Oscar nomination always spends the night with this A+/A list mostly movie actor but never with the a-hole late night guy. / This A list dual network host thinks his girlfriend's monetary demands have become out of control. He is looking to replace her with someone much less expensive. / Long time no hear from this pair, but this former reality star turned A- list singer in a group has plans to spend a weekend with his former co-star from the reality show to "write songs." The latter is not bringing his wife so this should be interesting.

25 12, 2018

This doesn’t sound healthy for anyone.

This beard almost didn't take the trip with the A+ list mogul/host. She is tired of faking it and when there is a vacation, the spotlight is on her to make it look real. He threatens to cut off her access to the gigs he gets her which she would definitely not get otherwise and she finally relents. This doesn't sound healthy for anyone.

25 11, 2018

3 blinds in a row

Why yes, that was the long time boyfriend of this closeted A list mogul/radio/television star eating dinner with him last weekend while out of town. The beard got the weekend off. / This foreign born A+ list singer/rapper asked for all kinds of photos from not only the 18 year old he is dating but at least two other 18 year old females and he didn't make sure they were 18 before he started asking. / The celebrity girlfriend of this A list celebrity offspring has been trying to get the parental unit in trouble for child abuse without actually calling out the A lister.

24 07, 2018

They even posed for photos together.

This multifaceted A list mogul who spends a lot of time in front of the camera too on multiple projects took the rare step of attending a public event where his boyfriend was also there. They even posed for photos together. Also there of course was the mogul's beard.