21 11, 2020

Custody battle.

Want your own reality show? These sisters do, so they said what they were told to say about a custody battle.

8 10, 2020

A company is captioning all the photos with the kid.

How out of touch with your kids do you have to be, to have a company admit they are the ones who post anything to do with your children. A company is captioning all the photos with the kid. It is strange and also, kind of jibes with the court case against him for not being a one on one dad.

17 09, 2020

Child support

Considering they pushed fake financials to a magazine and to a corporation, it shouldn't surprise anyone they would do the same thing so child support wouldn't have to be paid.

29 04, 2020

2 blinds in a row

As I have been telling you for quite some time, this back in the day A list teen actor is all about taking as much money from your pocket as possible. Yesterday was a particularly bad day for him as he was exposed for who he really is. / The former reality star all of you know forgot to mention the drugs he was doing, only those of the other party he is in a fight with.

5 03, 2020

He says he has no income.

Apparently the legal bill in the latest attempt to lower child support to almost nothing for this millionaire reality star/sibling/offspring was $300K. Yet, somehow he says he has no income.

28 10, 2019

He lost a bunch of weight

This rarely seen reality star from an A list reality family was getting laughed at when he would invite Instagram models to his house to have se-x, so he lost a bunch of weight.

3 09, 2019

He is tired of paying

This former reality star who is in a family of A list reality stars trolls for women online looking for fans who will have se-x with him for free. He is tired of paying, but if you are a fan who will hook up with him, he will fly you into town.

8 02, 2019

He is upset about leaked text messages

This barely A- list reality star from a reality family is upset about leaked text messages because it shows how he likes to make each fling think they are the only one so he can have an entire string of women.

12 01, 2019

$100K each month

The reason this reality family is so upset at the only one who doesn't really work and doesn't appear on the show all that often is because they are also paying his hoo-ker/strip-per bill which is nearing $100K each month.