2 04, 2020

He paid for some paps to come take their photo.

This closeted NFL player who was A+ list at one point, was so desperate to show off his new beard that he paid for some paps to come take their photo. His last beard gave up because it was costing her social media jobs and yachting jobs that paid way more than he paid which was almost nothing.

19 11, 2019

3 blinds in a row

This NFL A lister who is on an under performing team is once again trying to convince the world he is straight. / This foreign born A- list actress really needs to have her new movie finish second this week. Finishing third is going to make it that much harder to get her a lead again in the near future. / It isn't even so much rehab at this point for this former A/A- list dual threat actor who got his fame in an iconic role/television show, but death. He is going to end up killing himself from drugs.

11 08, 2019

2 blinds in a row

This A- list mostly movie actress who may or may not get invited back to her recent franchise is doing some yachting while out of the country. She is being very aggressive about it too. Funds must be tight. / Talking about it is the first step, but there is no way this A list NFL player who is not a QB is going to come out until he is out of the league.

13 12, 2017

He still went home to his long time boyfriend.

Even though this A list pro athlete told this A list rapper than he is gay, and in the closet, the rapper said she wanted to see if she could umm, get him to completion. So, she orally serviced him right at the club where they were and apparently succeeded. That being said, he still went home to his long time boyfriend.