29 Sep, 2022

The Grudge

There are lots of grudges in Hollywood. Some of them are long standing.

3 Oct, 2016

I never saw this one coming.

I never saw this one coming. This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly television actress is on a losing television streak of epic proportions. She just can’t get one to stick but is trying again this year. She hotboxed her dressing room before a talk show appearance.

15 Jan, 2014

She left her child with a babysitter

This actress used to be A list. Foreign born. Aging now but I still think she is gorgeous. Not married. Used to be madly in love with this A++ lister. Anyway she had a date the other night. Left her child with a babysitter. Ended up spending the night at the date's house but never bothered to call the babysitter who expected her home around 11 pm. The babysitter kept calling but our actress had turned off her phone. The actress showed up the next morning around 10 am and didn't even apologize or ask about her child.

24 Sep, 2013

A man came up to her and grabbed her breast

This former almost A list mostly movie actress is good enough to still be a B lister but she doesn't work much. The foreign born actress who is also a single mom was at a club the other night with two friends. A man came up to her and grabbed her breast. Our actress threw her drink in the guy's face and then kicked him in the genital area so hard that he fell to the ground gagging.