5 05, 2020

She needs to get out.

She was going to call the police but ended up calling one of her friends to come get her. The thing is though, the actress went back to her abusive A- list actor husband the next morning. She needs to get out. Earlier that same day, he had been yelling at her at a grocery store.

1 05, 2020

3 blinds in a row

Apparently, despite multiple beatings, public humiliation and serial cheating, the actress ex of this A-/B+ list actor who has been acting since he was a tween, has decided to go back to him. / This foreign born three named A-/B+ list still underage actress has been hooking up most days with a guy in his 30's. / This very fast A- list rapper has a history of violence towards women. Now, there are several reports of the same behavior towards men he has hooked up with too.

18 01, 2017

He is cheating on his wife

This Disney actor from back in the day who was an adult in this franchise is cheating on his wife who also has ties to the acting world.

3 01, 2014

He was screaming and yelling at the flight attendant

This A list mostly movie actor who is thisclose to dropping to B+, was cut off from the booze on a recent international flight. He was screaming and yelling at the flight attendant before his actress girlfriend gave him some of his favorite pills to put him in a more jovial mood. I'm not sure what she sees in the guy who is going to end up dead or in jail if he doesn't get sober and get some help.