2 05, 2019

The elderly person he helped is actually a hired actor

Do you suppose that the foreign born former boy bander will come clean with the world that the elderly person he helped is actually a hired actor? Lots of casting calls out there featuring him. Do you suppose he will come clean and tell the world it was just actually a promotion for his new single?

12 03, 2017

He was shaking like a leaf and he definitely wiped away a few tears.

While getting into legal trouble would be stressful for anyone, this singer‘s response left us a little surprised. He was shaking like a leaf and he definitely wiped away a few tears. It looked to me like he was having a minor anxiety attack. He wasn’t like openly sobbing and wailing or breathing into a paper bag or anything like that, but he was definitely shaken up.

9 02, 2017

Someone made a comment about how Model was merely a beard for Floppy.

Here’s a story about a little tiff between two boy banders that was hushed up so quickly that it never became public. Until now! Sonny and Floppy were more than just band mates. They were close friends. Very close. As part of their band’s image, Floppy was paired off in several fake relationships. One of those relationships was with a young model with a famous last name.

17 10, 2016

He wanted everything kept private.

What the fans may not know is that there was a big and ongoing problem throughout their relationship. The Taller One – who is rather flirty and charming – wanted to play up the relationship in public. Taller did not necessarily want to come out, but he did want to keep things fun, both between them as a couple and between them and the fans. Shorter, on the other hand, did NOT want to take the relationship public! He is a fun guy, but he started freaking out when people began catching on that he and Taller were dating. He wanted everything kept private.

2 06, 2014

None of the boys was responsible for the leak. They are all worried that the rest of it will leak.

Members of this band are sitting down with their team today to sort through the events of the past few days and to discuss damage control going forward. Here is what they know and what they will be discussing in today’s meeting. Management already knows that the boys use drugs so they were more annoyed by the leak than surprised by the drug use and drug talk. Not surprisingly, the entire band is embarrassed about the incident. However, it is interesting to note that the band member who is taking this all the hardest is not even one of the boys in the video. The leak came from one of the boy’s mobile telephones (specifically, the one who was shooting the video). None of the boys was responsible for the leak.

18 03, 2014

They are all locked into their contracts. No one is outing themselves or anyone else

We know that fans have been waiting and hoping that one or more members of this music group would come out of the closet. Well, we have some news for you! NO ONE in the group is coming out this year. Absolutely NO ONE! We know that this is bound to disappoint many of you who have this idea in your head about how to live life. You keep hoping for that storybook ending where everyone will be honest about who they really are and who they really love. Well, it’s not going to happen with this group. At least not this year. Here is what you can expect: The straight one who is in a real committed relationship with a woman will continue to behave naturally.