21 02, 2020

3 blinds in a row

Think this A-/B+ list mostly movie actor from an acting family knows the other actor in the family has hit on the wife of the A-/B+ list actor? / This A- list dual threat actor recently picked up a fairly big award. He celebrated by ditching his wife and spending time with a woman who walks dogs. / Speaking of cheating, it looks like this host of multiple shows on differing networks is trading in his long time girlfriend for a flight attendant he has long been hooking up with but decided to make more permanent.

18 07, 2018

3 blinds in a row

Being able to actually sing doesn't disqualify you from judging. / The wannabe wife of this A list frequent reality judge/host/producer/chain smoker/serial cheater has been arranging for paps to try and put the aforementioned person on the spot. / This former A+ list mostly movie actress turned A list actress/part-time director has been forced to leave her kids alone or fly in her lover on a private jet, since our actress can't leave the country with her kids.

22 06, 2018

The pair has been hooking up the past several weeks.

This foreign born A list reality host/mogul has been looking for a replacement for one woman in his life and apparently he has found it with his former co-star turned B+ list singer/Oscar winner/nominee. The pair has been hooking up the past several weeks.

26 11, 2013

She is not 100 percent sure

This soon to be baby mama confided in two or three people that she is not 100% sure that her soon to be born baby is actually the offspring of this A list celebrity/reality star/producer. I don't think he is sure either which is why he has not coughed up much money or made any serious plans yet.