18 11, 2020

No one really cares about her.

The tall alliterate model/former bff of a singer thought everyone would want photos of her and write lovely articles about her pregnancy. She thought it would put her in demand. It hasn't. No one really cares about her. She had to pay a pap to come take her picture and then he had to give it for free to the tabloids because no one wanted to pay the usual rate.

24 03, 2020

She is now spending time with the Oscar winning/nominate A- list actres

This former A- list actress who starred on a now defunct cable show that used initials rather than the real name of the show, confirmed what I told you last week. The tall alliterate model who used to have a relationship with the A+ list singer is now spending time with the Oscar winning/nominate A- list actress.

10 03, 2020

2 blinds in a row

Apparently the permanent A list "singer" had a social media post that was going to explain the decade old photo of her showing blood in a private area. She was going to say it was the result of an abortion. The people closest to her nixed that idea and wouldn't let her publish it. / The B+/B list actress who used to be A- when her hit cable show was still airing, apparently is apologizing to those around her for confirming that the tall alliterate model is hooking up with the Oscar winning/nominated A- list actress.

6 09, 2019

Cover landed.

The alliterate model only landed her latest cover because the company she worked with insisted or they wouldn't advertise with the magazine for a few months. Cover landed.

4 05, 2019

Who did the mural?

One way to get the tongues wagging for sure is to make sure your mural looks exactly like the wings the very tall alliterate model has worn in the past. Oh, and who did the mural? Oh yeah, the same person who photographed you and the model together. Interesting.

12 03, 2019

2 blinds in a row

This female celebrity chef loves a married guy. She prefers them to be musicians or singers, but the former A+ list pro athlete worked out just fine for her too. / This A list alliterate model didn't spend Valentine's Day with her new husband. Instead, she flew thousands of miles to have a hush hush meeting with the A+ list singer.

24 12, 2018

3 blinds in a row

This very tall alliterate A list model got booted off a recent modeling gig. That is the first time I know of that has happened to her. I wonder if someone stans her ex. / This disgraced reality star from a huge family is still married. He also sees a stripper he met once a week at her place. Hey, at least she is legal. / It looks like this J-Lo ex is finally set to come out after he was spotted getting very affectionate in public with his long time gay porn actor boyfriend.

12 12, 2018

She is refusing to sign the prenup

Starting off early this morning because I’m firing on all cylinders. This couple been engaged for a little bit and are supposedly getting married in the near future, but a key dispute is stopping them from typing the knot.