She was going to make sure she was induced on that day

Once the award show date was changed, for sure, the alliterate A/A- list model/fake coder was going to make sure she was induced on that day. She actually had the baby a couple hours before the ceremony but made sure the announcement took place during the ceremony.

Like a puppet master, this model.

Speaking of the alliterate model, she thought it would be a wonderful idea to have multiple exes at the show. She still texts the foreign born former boy bander quite frequently and had the close family friend/manager, pressure the award organization to include the former A+ list singer who gets more creepy as he ages. Like a puppet master, this model.

2 blinds in a row

Apparently the permanent A list "singer" had a social media post that was going to explain the decade old photo of her showing blood in a private area. She was going to say it was the result of an abortion. The people closest to her nixed that idea and wouldn't let her publish it. / The B+/B list actress who used to be A- when her hit cable show was still airing, apparently is apologizing to those around her for confirming that the tall alliterate model is hooking up with the Oscar winning/nominated A- list actress.

Cover landed.

The alliterate model only landed her latest cover because the company she worked with insisted or they wouldn't advertise with the magazine for a few months. Cover landed.