1 12, 2020

She is saying the quiet part out loud.

The Susan Lucci of Oscar nominations is saying the quiet part out loud. The thing I have been telling you for years and years. The only reason this A- list mostly movie actress with the lucrative side gig won an Oscar is because of who she slept with.

29 08, 2020

Actual Polaroid of the anatomy

A detailed description of the disgraced mogul’s diminutive male anatomy made headlines a while back, but the fact is, if you watched this now two-decade-old comedy spoof movie, you’ve seen an actual Polaroid of the anatomy in question.

1 06, 2020

He wasn’t just interested in actresses.

With all of the newfound spotlights of the world focused on this politician, a lot of questions are being asked about his ex. Not his relationship with the ex, but how, with not a lot of talent, she somehow became a star. Let us not forget who her "mentor" was. Yes, the disgraced rapist producer. He wasn't just interested in actresses.

19 05, 2020

There is no denying she enabled the disgraced producer

As I have said before, this A++ list celebrity can say what she wants about certain topics, but there is no denying she enabled the disgraced producer, the mogul and the hip hop mogul not only continue what they did and continue to do towards other people, but also never say a negative word about any of their actions.

17 03, 2020

The NDA’s won’t stop them all.

Considering his reputation with women, it was probably not the best idea for this former A+ list comic actor to take a ton of shots at the rapist producer. The actor has been in the firing line before and there will soon be some more women who tell their story. The NDA's won't stop them all.

29 02, 2020


The A list celebrity who was shooting for A++ a few years ago knew exactly what was going on for years with the rapist producer and ignored it and took his money anyway. Now, she is acting all high and mighty and talking about justice. Please. Opportunism at its fines just like the DA who took the money too.