30 09, 2020

About the restraining order

Although the former network reality star is one of the biggest a-holes ever, the restraining order received from his former co-star was done for their reality show.

4 08, 2020

Beach house

This closeted one season wonder is shacking up with his boyfriend at a beach house owned by the boyfriend's dad.

13 07, 2020

2 blinds in a row

It took three months, but this A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family where he is lower on the list, rotated out the four stri-ppers who had been living with him since the start of lock down. / Speaking of reality stars, this former one season wonder is still making his ex cover for him about his sexuality. You can tell she is tiring of it.

31 03, 2020

Not quite a full tell all book though is it?

Huh. You mean the former network reality star who claimed he tested positive for COVID-19 when he didn't meet any of the testing criteria but got himself a news cycle or two and I told you he was faking it has a new book coming out? Who would have thunk it? Not quite a full tell all book though is it?

13 12, 2019

The carrot

The only thing holding back this former two season wonder from slamming a male version of herself and outing him is the carrot of getting to do a spinoff or two on the network or one of those Disney specials.

19 03, 2019

As to men, all I got was a sly grin.

Could if be that a certain reality star is a bit more experienced than he's letting on? So says someone from his past who told me he probably hasn't gone all the way - "with a woman". As to men, all I got was a sly grin.