23 05, 2020

Another offspring is about to book their first gig.

One of the daughters of this reality star tried to get out of the family business, but had no luck with just regular dating, so came back into the yachting world. Now, there is another offspring who is about to book their first gig too.

16 11, 2019

Her sister got the Wendy Williams version.

I remember when there was a voice of reason in this family. Financial responsibility and just plain old adulting happened for bit. But apparently everyone is drinking the Kool-aid now. I’ve heard from two different sources tonight with information. Source One: The spending is out of control.

31 03, 2019

Baby girl voice

The celebrity offspring of someone who is only famous if you watch one of her reality shows apparently is in high demand because she is really good at playing the role of a plastic sex doll with a baby girl voice.

19 02, 2019

It is kind of embarrassing

I don't know if this reality star offspring/future/current sugar baby who is kind of a reality star herself wants to hookup with this permanent A list rapper/actor or just hang out with his barely there celebrity daughter who she basically stalks nonstop to the point it is kind of embarrassing.

28 01, 2019

Yes, he is a serial cheater as his actress girlfriend found out.

Yes, he is a serial cheater as his actress girlfriend found out. Prior to the actress though, this athlete was cheating on the plastic surgeoned celebrity offspring of the person who taught her the plastic surgery thing. Apparently our offspring would hit on guys who were already making more money as athletes and seemingly think her athlete boyfriend wouldn't hear about it.