10 Nov, 2020

No matter how often she posts over the top things to social media, it doesn’t move the needle.

This former B list singer who got her start on a make the band type reality show really misses being as famous as she once was. No matter how often she posts over the top things to social media, it doesn't move the needle. She really wants to find someone famous and do a reality show with them. She is having a lot of issues with money and finding guys to support her financially.

19 Oct, 2019

2 blinds in a row

The long time former girlfriend of this HGTV star said they only had se-x a handful of times the entire time they were together, but he would always use an excuse rather than he liked guys. / The former reality star/singer turned yachter is straight up lying when she says she has never done anything to her body or face.

28 Apr, 2019

He cheated and she has a lot of receipts

Arguably the most successful outside the reality world in which he was thrust with other like minded people from his state, this A- list celebrity/reality star can say what he wants about a previous relationship with the manufactured singer/reality star, but he cheated and she has a lot of receipts.

20 Nov, 2018

3 blinds in a row

There is still a slight, but noticeable droop to the side of this former tweener turned A- list singer's mouth because of her overdose. A waitress who served her this weekend said she tried not to stare, but wanted to make sure. / This former member of a reality tv manufactured girl group says that she once almost had se-x with this permanent A list mogul but she kind of freaked out when he wanted to watch male gay por-n to get aroused.

10 Nov, 2018

3 blinds in a row

This A list rapper is having to pay three or four times as much for beats an raps she used to have to pay. No one likes working for her and they are making her pay./ This former reality star band member turned celebrity turned reality star really shouldn't give interviews while wasted on coke and booze. / This A list singer is already spending the night with someone new, less than a week after her breakup.