6 09, 2020

Throughout the pandemic it has been operating just like this.

One of the long time partners/friends of the billionaire pedophile is making it much easier for the elite to squirrel away with their hookups, whether of legal age or not. The partner/friend who practically has a whole page to himself in the pedophile's black book knows he can charge an outrageous sum to ensure privacy. Throughout the pandemic it has been operating just like that.

12 05, 2019

3 blinds in a row

This former talk show host who had a years long relationship with a foreign born A list mogul all of you know might be in a relationship but is always hooking up with the mogul whenever he comes to town and calls her. / This B+ list mostly movie actress who is in a franchise says that her last three girlfriends all cheated on her and what is even crazier is each one of them cheated on her with the same woman. / The only thing organic that will happen in the pregnancy of the foreign born A- list actress is whatever organic food the surrogate eats.

29 08, 2013

Only time she can drink and do drugs…

This A list television talk show host loves going to work every day because its the only time she can drink and do drugs. Her boyfriend has said he will break up with her if she does them while they are together. Too many nights of having to carry her after she passes out.