Speaking of mysteries, is what government agency collected/received the six vials of blood each week from the permanent A list “singer.”


MK Ultra

Britney Spears

Some Conspiracy Theorists Think Britney Spears Is Controlled by MK Ultra

Fans and conspiracy theorists alike have been concerned about Britney Spears for years. Following her infamous breakdown where she spontaneously shaved her head, the star’s mental health has been overly scrutinized, and her subsequent conservatorship even more so. The #FreeBritney movement has been trying to make a case for the singer to be independent again, arguing her conservatorship has an unhealthy control over her life and career.

Add to that her increasingly questionable social media posts over the years, and fans of Britney are worried about her safety.

In addition to the #FreeBritney movement, some conspiracy theorists have claimed that Britney is likely under the influence of an MK Ultra-like mind control, further making fans worry about her safety.

What is MK Ultra?

MK Ultra, also known as the CIA mind control program, was a series of experiments on American and Canadian test subjects attempting to come up with a way to manipulate a subject through possible mind control. These experiments, some of which were illegal, began in secret in 1953, continuing for 20 years before it was officially shut down.

These experiments involved attempting to control human test subjects through various forms of manipulation, such as with high doses of LSD, electroshock, hypnosis, verbal and sexual abuse, and other forms of torture. The purpose of these interrogations was to weaken a person so it would be easier to coerce them into a confession, though the experiment’s legitimacy was questioned because of its use of these methods.

While Project MK Ultra was ultimately stopped in 1973, its name has since been used in a series of conspiracy theories about some of Hollywood’s top A-list celebrities. These conspiracy theorists claim many celebs are put under control by the government and cite the MK Ultra project as evidence for these theories.

Some fans believe Britney Spears is an MK Ultra test subject.

Britney’s career has been rife with conspiracy theories, especially after her 2007 public breakdown that led to her current conservatorship. Alongside the #FreeBritney campaign, which often claims she’s being unfairly controlled in her conservatorship, some fans believe that Britney is also a product of an MK Ultra experience, claiming she’s under mind control from the U.S. government.

Those who believe this theory point specifically to an on-camera interview Britney did, where she “glitched,” as some viewers have called it. In the video, while she’s answering a question about the onslaught of negative publicity she’s received, her entire demeanor changes when she says the word “weird.”

She suddenly sits up in her seat as though shocked, and says “Weird. Hello. Um, oh my goodness, hello! Strong Britney.”

As part of the experiment, certain test subjects were conditioned to be triggered by specific keywords, and those who believe the conspiracy theory claim this is an example of her responding to a specific keyword. – Source

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