So, what do you do when you are spending money like water and it belongs to your kid?

You try and keep it from him.

What do you do when you are sleeping with your kid’s girlfriend?

You keep it from him.

How do you keep it from him?

Well, if you are this A1 a-hole father of the past 40 years you do everything you can to set up your kid for failure just like with many of your other kids. Sure, this former A+ list mostly movie actor hasn’t killed one of them yet, but really, it is just blind luck none of them have died.

I don’t think he wants his kid to die, but I know he wants him to go back where he came from so the dad can get back to spending the kid’s money and having sex with the girlfriend again.

He keeps trying to get the kid to cave and give in to temptation.

Just a truly awful human being.

Ryan O’Neal
Son Redmond O’Neal is back to jail


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