You might be wondering why two celebrities would publicly break up… and then get photographed going out together!

It isn’t because they are back together.

It isn’t because they need to maintain a united front for the sake of the children.

They do not have any children.

They never even married. So, what’s the deal?

She sacrificed years of her career to make sure that he became a big-time actor.

He agrees that he owes her.

Thus, she will continue to accompany him to events and interact with other industry people to resuscitate her career.

Meanwhile, he gets to look like a good guy for maintaining an amicable relationship with his ex.

You should expect this mutually beneficial arrangement to continue until she taps out because she is good on her own or has moved on to a new relationship.

Yes, there is an outside chance that they will reconcile, but he treated her so shabbily over the years that it would be too hopeful to include that as a third option right now.

Jon Hamm
Jennifer Westfeldt


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