This financial backer of the sex cult has no intention to ever come back to the US because she knows she will be arrested.

In fact, she is going to move from her current country to one a little less friendly with the US.

Sara Bronfman


Sara Bronfman found in Southern France!

While our French correspondent, Evonne Brossard, strikes a humorous tone in this story – the matter is serious and is in keeping with Frank Report’s tradition of being the first to reveal the locations of potential NXIVM fugitives. Sara Bronfman, who seems to have refused to enter the USA – even to help bail out her sister Clare – has evidently left her home in England [where extradition to the USA is quick and certain] and is now residing in Provence, France at her recently purchased hotel resort.

It is unclear if she is renting any rooms to guests for, when Evonne located her there, at her remote wine country location, it appeared she was using the entire resort for herself and her retinue of nannies, servants, her kept husband, Basit Igtet, and her new friend, the handsome artiste Jean-Charles de Castelbajc.

It is possible she is expecting to be indicted and is arranging with French and Swiss authorities to avoid extradition by residing in France [think Roman Polanski] or temporarily in Switzerland until she can arrange for her non-extradition from France. – Source

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