Before this actress (#1) got lucky enough to get on a very hit cable show which is not on AMC she had one other big television role in a show that is still a huge hit. Our actress quit the show because she was being harassed. Not sexually harassed because she was a willing sexual participant but harassed because her sex rival threatened the life of our actress if she didn’t back off. So, our actress made a deal with the producers after threatening to take her story public and got paid for a full season of the show even though she wasn’t on it any longer. Our actress had hooked up with the star of the show (#2) who is probably a B+ list mostly television actor who has been married forever. The actor was also hooking up with another co-star who is a former B+ list mostly movie actress (#3) and now lives for the paychecks on that show. #3 and #2 started hooking up. #3 did this because even though she is married she wanted to protect her place on the show and figured having sex with the star of the show wouldn’t hurt her chances. When #1 came along who was a late addition to the show and also started hooking up with #2, that was too much for #3 to handle and started threatening #1 to back off. She also made #1’s life miserable at work and tried to make #1 cry every day. It worked and #1 pleaded with producers to let her quit.


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