This is not as long and detailed as a usual blind in this spot but I heard it last night and wanted to share it with you in this space because I thought it was worthy of the 10:10 slot.

So, there is a new show that is filming for a network.

They have shot a few episodes.

It has a former A list mostly television actor in it who is married and has seen his fandom disappear as he ages.

Now, he moves from project to project.

His co-star is relatively unknown despite being in some fairly big television projects and a great filmography.

Anyway, there must have been some instant chemistry because the two married co-stars had finished rehearsing a scene and went back to a trailer and their mics were live and everyone heard them starting to have sex and an assistant to the actor rushed to the trailer and warned him and the actor could be heard freaking out.

It was apparently laugh until you cry funny except of course for the spouses who don’t know.

Former A list television actor: James Van Der Beek
Co-Star: Majandra Delfino
Show: “Friends with Better Lives”


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