It is all finally coming out into the open.

This mostly closeted cable reality star who has managed to land two separate shows (one of which is a hit for the cable channel where it airs) while pretending he enjoys being with women is being called out for his proclivity to have sex with men for money.

Jax Taylor – Vanderpump Rules & Vanderpump Rules Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky

We already know Jax Taylor used to be roomies with Channing Tatum before becoming a bartender at Sur / lifelong reality TV star. Good gig if you can get it. But in Monday night’s episode, “Tears Over Miami,” we got the skinny on Jax’s seemingly homoerotic backstory in a very tabloidy storyline.

The setting of the episode is Miami, where Scheana and Shay are, for whatever silly reason, throwing a joint bachelor/bachelorette getaway with friends and frenemies. There, Jax meets up with an old pal named John, an older man who he’s rumored to have been in a relationship with, allegedly. Tom Sandoval refers to John as “a concierge for wealthy people.” He was also a model scout who helped placed Jax with his first agency. He discovered Jax the model. Jax models.

Miami Jax, who went by the name Jason then, used to live and work with John. While recapping Jax’s past life as Jason, Sandoval says between smirks, “When Jax left Miami there was rumors about him and John hooking up. There is believability to this at least because very quickly after these rumors came out, ‘Jason’ packed up his stuff moved away and changed his name to Jax.” – Source


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