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I know it is dramatic and worthy of a movie, but a lawyer for the “singer” didn’t get shot at because of the “singer.”

But, when you use the hashtag, you get more attention to your cause.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ Lawyer Puts Conservatorship Team on Blast for Expensive Fees

Britney Spears‘ lawyer is calling out members of the pop star’s conservatorship team.

In a new filing obtained by The Blast published Tuesday (September 15), her lawyer called out members of the conservatorship, including father Jamie Spears, for their finances.

“After denying for months that any structural change to this conservatorship was necessary, an hour before the last hearing James [Jamie] suddenly reversed direction and conceded that a co-conservator of the estate is needed after all. However, rather than work collaboratively with Britney to find the best candidate, James chose to work in direct opposition to her clear statement that she ‘strongly prefers to have a qualified corporate fiduciary appointed to serve in this role,’” the filing reads.

Britney‘s lawyer also challenged Jamie‘s choice for reinstating co-conservator Andrew Wallet, who voluntarily left his role in 2019.

“In fact, Mr. Wallet‘s sudden departure after 11 years was ‘voluntary’ only in the sense that he wasn’t removed. Rather, it was negotiated by court-appointed counsel for Britney and supported by consideration to Mr. Wallet in the form of a $100,000.00 ‘golden parachute,’” the filing goes on to read.

The co-conservator was paid $426,000 a year for his services according to the paperwork, and “any individual co-conservator to this case, much less Mr. Wallet represents a very poor value that Britney cannot afford,” her lawyer argues, considering that she is not performing nor desires to at this time.

“In considering the economic impact of Mr. Wallet‘s return on Britney‘s estate, it should be noted that on December 20, 21 2019, after Mr. Wallet had departed, James modified the compensation of TRI STAR SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, the business manager, to provide for a minimum annual fee of $500,000.00,” the filing claims.

“This amount represents more than DOUBLE the amount that Tri-Star was previously receiving.” – Source

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