A court in a European country with their recent actions has confirmed what I have told you for years.

The foreign born cyber journalist all of you know was targeted for execution by the US.

Julian Assange

Mike Pompeo summoned by court to explain alleged US government plot to assassinate Julian Assange, say Spanish media reports

Mike Pompeo, former Secretary of State under President Donald Trump, has been summoned by a Spanish court to explain an alleged US government plot to assassinate WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, according to ABC Spain.

The alleged plot was first revealed by Yahoo News in September, which reported that senior CIA and Trump administration officials discussed possibly kidnapping or killing Assange after being angered by Wikileaks’ publication of sensitive CIA hacking tools.

The discussions took place “at the highest levels” of the Trump administration, a former senior counterintelligence official told the outlet, with officials even requesting “sketches” or “options” for how to assassinate Assange.

Pompeo has been called to appear in the Spanish court in connection with a probe into whether Spanish security firm UC Global spied on Assange while providing security for the Ecuadorian embassy in London, sources close to the case told ABC Spain. – Source

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