It is kind of crazy that a guy who was not even in the original band now gets to use its name like it is his own or that he founded it.

The stories you are about to hear about this guy over the next few weeks from everyone close to him who now hates him are going to be truly amazing.

Johnny McDaid

Snow Patrol

Johnny McDaid of Snow Patrol has reportedly been called a “snake” by the wife of his former bandmate Jonny Quinn, amidst rumors of discord within the group.

Gary Lightbody, the band’s frontman, announced Jonny and Paul Wilson’s departure from the band with sadness, confirming that Snow Patrol would continue as a trio.

On social media on Saturday, Mrs Quinn said her husband’s reasons for leaving the band “were not the best” as she thanked Lightbody and Connolly in a statement which notably left out mentioning McDaid.

She mentioned that Jonny’s relationship with Gary and Nathan remained good, but added of Johnny: ‘The last f***er is a snake though.’.

“I’m so incredibly proud of my husband and it’s with very mixed feelings Jonny is announcing his departure from the band” she said on Instagram.

“So many amazing times, so many incredible people and experiences. I couldn’t have dreamt it. Sad the reason for leaving is not the best, but excited about what lies ahead.”

After posting her message, Mrs. Quinn, who has been married to the drummer since 2008, shared comments from an undisclosed website that referred to McDaid as a “weird fan boy,” indicating her support for those comments.

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