This former A+ list actor who was closeted until close to death never married this aww shucks A- list actor/singer who starred in multiple long running hit shows, but they did have a mock ceremony that attracted a who’s who of gay Hollywood in the 60s/70s.

Rock Hudson

Jim Nabors also known as Gomer Pyle

Rock Hudson and Jim Nabors, both gay men who kept their s3xualities hidden for most of their lives, reportedly had a secret marriage. However, after news of their relationship surfaced, they seemingly severed all contact.

Hudson, known as a heartthrob of his time, presented a public image that aligned with societal expectations.

However, author Mark Griffin’s biography of Hudson shed light on his private life as a gay man. Hudson had to maintain different personas for his family, career, and personal life, showcasing his talent not only as an actor but as a performer in all aspects of his life.

To counter the rumors surrounding his sexuality, Hudson frequently appeared in photographs alongside female friends, such as actress Claudia Cardinale.

Cardinale shared with Griffin that although they were always friends, they attempted to portray themselves as a romantic couple in order to dispel the speculation surrounding Hudson’s personal life.

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