We usually tell you when celebrities are faking romances, but today we are going to tell you about some financial fakers!

This famous bad-boy actor is facing multiple lawsuits related to his personal behavior.

He is having a tough time shielding his assets.

Setting up real estate trusts at this point would be an obvious signal to the courts that he is trying to hide his assets.

While he has received the same advice from two different counselors – sell your houses to your exes so your children will have a place to live – he is so distrustful of his exes that he would rather sell the properties to someone else than allow them to control his assets.

That’s why it looks like he is going to liquidate everything to cash.

He thinks that will give him more control over the money.

When the plaintiffs come after him, he can always claim that he spent all the cash on lawyers and hookers and gambling and that he doesn’t have any money left for them.

Charlie Sheen


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