The mogul/reality star/serial sexual assaulter has frequently been in this space about his troubling past and his fleeing to another country to escape extradition while at the same time saying he did nothing wrong.

Now, with the release of the documentary which details his behavior he is attempting to silence any websites that discuss it and is backed by the permanent A++ list celebrity.

Russell Simmons

Oprah Winfrey

He’s ‘a monster’: ‘On the Record’ gives first-hand accounts of Russell Simmons rape claims

It was supposed to be a cathartic moment.

In January, the filmmaking team behind 2012’s Oscar-nominated “The Invisible War” debuted their latest sexual assault documentary at Sundance Film Festival: “On the Record,” which details allegations against hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by more than a dozen women. (Simmons has repeatedly denied all allegations.)

But just two weeks before the film’s premiere at the high-profile Park City, Utah, event, executive producer Oprah Winfrey bowed out of the project, citing inconsistencies in the story of one of Simmons’ accusers, ex-Def Jam executive Drew Dixon. As a result, the documentary also lost its intended distributor, Apple TV+, with which Winfrey has a multi-year content partnership.

“It was shocking, because I always listened to Oprah as a high figure of representing black women,” says Sheri Sher, a hip-hop pioneer and accuser featured in the film. “I didn’t understand, but I wasn’t angry or upset. It was more, ‘Wow, why would she do that?’ ”

Amy Ziering, who co-directed the film with Kirby Dick, says the documentary was “an extremely close collaboration” with Winfrey’s Harpo Productions, and the directors received only “effusive” notes from Winfrey during the filmmaking process. Winfrey told the Associated Press in January that Simmons “attempted to pressure me” to leave the project, but she said that wasn’t the reason for her exit. – Source

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