Our actress is B- list.

She usually stays in the B range but she has moved up to the brink of A list a few times.

Most recently she moved there when she was the lead female in a huge popcorn flick.

Unfortunately for her, the movie bombed so she is back on television and filming way out of the way like she did previously.

Our actress has always been a good actress and she is great looking too so it should be a winning combination. Very true. Just a couple of tiny issues.

She is a drug addled mess and all the drugs she has taken have made her crazy jealous. She has been married before.Shortest courtship and marriage ever because she hid her drug use as long as she could and when she got married thought it would be safe to bring it out.

She also freaked out everyday when her husband would go to work because he was casting for movies and he loved sleeping with actresses.

It is how he met our actress so it makes sense.

She checked in with him every five minutes and after about a month he walked out the door and never went back.

Somehow our actress has snagged another guy.

I’m not sure how considering her drug use hasn’t declined. I guess he could use drugs too.

I guess he hasn’t seen her jealous side either.

Actress: Rachel Nichols
Popcorn flick: “Conan the Barbarian”
Television: “Contiuum” on Syfy
First husband: “Star Trek” producer Scott Stuber
Current boyfriend: Michael Kershaw

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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