This permanent A list singer/actress who is permanently A list in each separate category has been selling things off.

Some have speculated it is because she needs the money for her retirement years. Nope.

She is selling them off because she is being pressured/abused by someone (B- list celebrity) people think is a friend.

He has walled her off from her longest known friends and restricts her access to social media and phone calls and emails.

He doesn’t make the kind of money he used to, so has her sell things and then says he is going to “invest” the money.

Liza Minnelli

Michael Feinstein

What Is Going On With Liza Minnelli? Longtime Collaborator Opens Up About Her Health  

Ahead of a rare live performance, Michael Feinstein says Minnelli is neither sick, nor dying and not addicted to pills: “She’s always obediently followed the directive of her managers and agents — and she’s tired of it.” – Source

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