Apparently this A+ list mostly movie actor who has a franchise does not appreciate the 50 or so texts a day he gets from the foreign born three named actress who feels jilted after their hookup.

He has moved on.

Chris Evans

Ana De Armas

Ana de Armas moves on from Ben Affleck with Chris Evans: Rumor

According to National Enquirer, just days after their split, Ana de Armas started telling her friends that she’s excited to work with Evans again.
Ana de Armas, Chris Evans dating rumors

The A-listers starred in Knives Out in 2019, and according to the tabloid, de Armas and Evans’ chemistry was palpable.

“Ana can’t wait to work with Chris again. She’s had a big crush on him ever since they worked together, and they’ve been talking a lot,” the source said.
Ana de Armas having a blast with her co-star

According to the source, de Armas is enjoying her time with Evans because being with the latter is all about fun and excitement.

When the Cuban actress was with Affleck, her life, allegedly, became too serious because the actor was weighed down by his commitments with his kids.

But with Evans, de Armas does nothing else but laugh, go out, and have a good time.

“Their conversations have progressed from talking about the new film to what kind of mischief they could get into together,” the source said. – Source

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