Not much has been heard from this A list singer in the past couple of years.

He has tried to focus all the attention on his music and pretending to be a happily married man.

Gone is the bad boy image and philanderer that was so prevalent before.

Not to worry though.

He has not gone on the straight and narrow.

He has just been getting much much better at keeping everything under wraps.

He has spent months perfecting what he thinks is a foolproof plan but the problem he is facing is his lust.

See, at the beginning he did keep everything quiet.

Sure, I was hearing whispers that he had one mistress stashed in an apartment that he would see just twice a month. Nothing ever confirmed though.

She was on the books as an employee and her apartment rent was her housing allowance.

He also had several people on tour with him who actually did do the jobs they were asked to do because the singer’s wife wanted to see the resumes of all the female employees.

No problem for our singer though because he hired professionals but also those who would keep him happy.

He got greedy though and started really drinking and coking it up again and that is where the cracks developed.

Late night visits from his regular dealer who saw some women with our singer.

The room service guys bringing up booze and ice to a naked singer who didn’t bother covering himself while a woman was sprawled naked on a sofa.

So far the wife seems unaware of what is going on but it is just a matter of time.

Michael Bublé


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