This B-list celebrity, who used to be strictly a singer on the bubble of A-list, is out promoting herself nonstop…her show…her new look…planting rumors about herself… but none of it seems to be helping. Part of the problem is, she desperately wants to be seen as a sex symbol like her nemesis, this A-list celebrity, is seen effortlessly, but it’s just never comes to fruition for her. People always say, “Oh wow her talent,” rather than “Oh wow, she’s so sexy!” and it drives her nuts. She spent a lot of money and did a lot of Adderall to look better than she has in years, and while she’s getting some headlines here and there, no one seems to care. But everyone made a huge deal over her nemesis’s latest project and how amazing she looked. Well, she was pissed off, and paid someone off to release the ‘smoke and mirrors’ behind the other woman’s project, then released another sexy photo shoot right on it’s heels, hoping it would work. It didn’t because the fans rallied around the other star and didn’t care that things had been altered, they love her no matter what. The B-lister went bananas. This feud mainly exists in her head, the two haven’t had a conversation in over 15 years, but it’s everything to her, and she wants to finally be #1. She’s trying to buy secrets about the other woman to leak to the press that will make people turn on her. When you see a very unflattering story hit about the A-lister in the next month or so, know that it was planted by the jealous B-lister.

Christina Aguilera,  Britney Spears


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