This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress has a great career going right now but she is listening to her foreign born jealous actor boyfriend who would cheat on her in a second if given the chance because he wants her to “focus on their relationship,” while he will continue to focus on his career. Basically, he wants her to follow him around and not work and then if he gets a job on a set with an actress he wants to sleep with, to have her stay behind so he can focus on his craft or some crap.

Lily James

Matt Smith

Lily James discusses plans to slow down work to spend time with beau Matt Smith as she stuns for striking monochrome shoot

She is happily in love with Matt Smith, who she has been dating since 2014.

And Lily James has dished all about the strength of her romance with the hunky actor – admitting that she has found it difficult to find the perfect work/life balance and will consider slowing down in the future to focus on their relationship. – Source

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