Young, barely relevant celebrities and models looking to make extra money.

What do you do if your business starts losing a ton of money and there is no end in sight?

If you are this very part-time reality star/celebrity you start cranking back up the family business.

The old family business.

You might as well.

It is how you met your ex-wife and your soon to be wife.

It is even easier now to make money in it because your celebrity offspring attracts exactly the right person to bring in the money. Young, barely relevant celebrities and models looking to make extra money.

With the help of the offspring there are so many people wanting to join the business that you can pick and choose only the very best.

There are just so many women.

Literally hundreds that want to join in.

The supply far exceeds the demand and you don’t want prices to go down, plus you want to be able to do something with all the extra women that are gorgeous but just not the very best.

What do you do?

You get your ex and your future wife out traveling the world taking meetings with very wealthy men who don’t go yachting or live in the Middle East.

You bring a few samples for the men and they introduce your emissaries to their friends who are also wealthy but also don’t travel.

Soon, you have corners of the world where 10-20 men can come together for a weekend or a week at a resort closer to their homes and fly in the women.

The money is just rolling in right now.

Mohamed Hadid
Ex-wife: Yolanda Hadid
Soon to be wife: Shiva Safai
Celebrity offspring: Bella and Gigi Hadid


Do you believe it?

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