You like to pretend you are a big shot in the organization

What do you do when you don’t get a lot of work.

Well, not enough work to cover your extremely high expenses?

What do you do when an organization you belong to demands that you keep contributing at a higher rate every year?

What do you do if you are this B- list mostly television actor who has blown all that network money you got from a huge network hit that had a nice long life? What do you do when the only steady work is in a franchise, but not the high paying variety.

What do you do?

You and your crooked business manager who was provided by the organization you contribute money to decided to steal $125K from your ex.

She only gets a statement once a year so she will never know.

Well, she knows now.

Hopefully she acted quickly enough to stop you from taking out another $125K this year because you like to pretend you are a big shot in the organization.

 Jason Lee
Ex: Carmen Llywelyn or Beth Riesgraf
Organization: Scientology
Hugh network hit: My Name Is Earl
Franchise: Alvin & the Chipmunks


Do you believe it?

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