Why does she need to be in a faux relationship? Because she is gay.

This actress is a true triple threat whose talents were showcased as one of the leads on a popular TV show.

Our actress has had several handsome boyfriends, so it may surprise you to learn that her relationship with her current beau… was cooked up in a publicist’s office and is totally fake!

Why does she need to be in a faux relationship?

Because she is gay.

In fact, during the production of the TV show, she was actually involved on and off with another female cast member! That relationship was kept quiet because the other girl was also involved in a fake dating relationship for publicity reasons.

The show strongly discouraged both women from saying or doing anything publicly that might tip off fans to the fact that they were not heterosexuals like their characters.

It’s not that the producers were homophobic.

Indeed, the show itself featured openly-gay cast members.

These two women just weren’t supposed to be two of them.

They were asked to maintain a certain image both on and off the show.

Since this was the first big, successful project for both of them, they willingly complied.

However, after a couple of years, our actress started feeling uncomfortable with the charade, and decided to make a move to come out herself in conjunction with the show.

It started with a silly stunt where she traded costumes with another cast member.

The producers were furious!

How dare she jeopardize her character and the show!

The next day she was suddenly “sick” and did not show up for work.

The truth is that they suspended her for one day and threatened to fire her if she pulled any more stunts like that.

The incident itself was explained away as simply her way of supporting the LGBT community.

Needless to say, she was not happy about that.

In fact, that incident practically broke her.

She retreated back into the closet… where she has remained ever since.

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