Who she can speak to and who she is allowed to see are closely monitored.

I revealed this back in September 2013, and is probably the best one about them and their relationship

July 30, 2012

Is our former B+ list actress with still A list name recognition actually in jail? No.

Actually locked up against her will?

Nope. She has been isolated from everyone close to her though from her past.

Who she can speak to and who she is allowed to see are closely monitored.

Her significant other who everyone also knows makes our actress think she has some control over her life, but she really doesn’t. Can she go out alone?

Not really.

Can she go out with her girlfriends?

What girlfriends.

Even if she had girlfriends left after years of isolation, there is no way he could let her go out unsupervised.

She might wander off. Work?

Umm, no.

Last time she worked she almost left him because she tasted sweet freedom.

Even Katie Holmes got to go out alone and got to work.

Sure, there were bodyguards and minders, but she got to go out.

Our actress gets none of that.

Her man is so insecure that he makes her share a cell phone with him.

No cell phone for herself.

They have an extra one for emergencies or if he is going to be out for longer than an hour or two.

Oh, yeah, he is allowed to go out.

While he is out though if she is not with him, then he keeps her at home.

It is better for her he says.

Wouldn’t want to have to deal with all those paps by herself.

This is not the same person she was even five years ago.

At this point in her life she defers every decision to her significant other.

Dinner, clothes, anything and everything, he is the one who decides.

At this point she is like a robot and it just keeps getting worse.

Megan Fox
Brian Austin Green

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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