He is cheating on his long time boyfriend with an investment banker.
June 18, 2016
From what we have heard, she was so keen to bag the offer that she slashed her fee by 20 per cent.
June 19, 2016

Whenever he would beat her she would call her family to tell them but she never called the police.

Back in the day, this rocker was at his peak.

I will give the band he was in permanent A list status.

They have called it quits for now, but tour money will always be whispering in their ears.

This guy has been married multiple times and probably slept with thousands of women.

At this point in time he was a drug addict and sleeping with women all the time.

His main girlfriend at the time was also at her peak.

Had some hits.

More famous because of her mentor than anything else.

Foreign born.

One day she attends a family gathering and brings the rocker with her.

Introduces him and shows off an antique diamond engagement ring.

The two are getting married.

Did I mention the family is very religious?

Did I mention that during much of that visit the girlfriend and the rocker spent most of the time with the family doing drugs? Lots and lots of crack smoking.

This relationship didn’t last very long.

Maybe a year.

The rocker was doing a lot of drugs and his girlfriend singer was doing drugs.

Her problem was that it conflicted heavily with her religious upbringing and family and would go crazy trying to stop because she thought she would go to hell if she didn’t but she was so addicted she kept on smoking.

That struggle caused her to lash out and she would beat the rocker all of the time for any slight.

Cheating, not coming home or not being somewhere on time would set her off.

He would beat her too. Lots.

Drugs and just because he felt like it.

Whenever he would beat her she would call her family to tell them but she never called the police.

One day, when they nearly killed each other in a drug fueled fight, he walked away and never spoke to her again.

Rocker: Nikki Sixx
Band: Mötley Crüe

Girlfriend: Vanity
Mentor: Prince

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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