What do you think is happening to these dogs?

This reality family has introduced several new dogs over the past few years.

Each time the puppy gets introduced on social media, does a few photo ops… and then quietly disappears.

“I live near them and have a dog of my own, so I always notice whenever I see them on social media with a new puppy.

Then I noticed that the dog-of-the-month always mysteriously disappears a short while later. This happened several times.

You never see anyone walking a dog, never hear a dog barking in the backyard, never see them on their reality show, never see them in the family photos.

They just disappear!

I saw [a family member] a couple of months ago and asked them, “So how’s your dog?” and they just looked at me blankly and said, “I don’t have a dog!” and then walked away.”

What do you think is happening to these dogs?

Norman, Bambi, Rolly, Adam, Blu, Jackson, Dolce, Rocky, Princess, Gabbana, Bernard, Bella, Louis, Vuitton

Source: http://blindgossip.com

Do you believe it?

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