What do you get when you give millions of dollars to the mob?

What do you get when you give millions of dollars to the mob?

You get one of their imports.

An import brought over from Eastern Europe to entertain high rollers at their casinos.

An import brought over to be the mistress for someone high up in the organization.

An import brought over to put someone in a very awkward position.

An import brought over to help out a politician who is afraid his extracurricular activities could be made public.

Back in the day, this importer for the mob also worked in a legit business. It is the same business that this A+ list celebrity is most well known.

Our importer took cuts in the business from every side.

Literally every side.

He had a license which allowed him to take a certain percentage which he kept hidden from his legit employer.

If a deal was having trouble closing he would send in some associates.

They would convince other people who might be bidding to back out.

In turn, they might convince people not bidding to bid even higher so there would be more money sent over to the importer.

Our importer literally made tens of millions of dollars a year.

A lot of that money was generated by our A+ list celebrity through the shady deals they made together.

As a thank you gift, our importer sent over his most popular import at the time.

Little did he know, he would never get the import back.

The import became domestic.

Melania Trump
Donald Trump

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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