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May 5, 2016
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May 5, 2016

Two Problems Preventing Stardom

This talented TV actress works out compulsively.

We’re not just talking about daily workouts at the gym.

We’re talking about her performing literally thousands of in-place exercises – like stomach crunches and leg lifts – every day.

Why would someone who is already slim and fit work out so compulsively?

She thought she was going to be a huge movie star after she starred on [that TV show], but you know who’s asking her to star in their movies? Nobody!

The odd thing is that she thinks that her weight is the only thing keeping her from being a movie star because someone (I don’t know who) told her like ten years ago to lose ten pounds and she did.

Her weight isn’t the problem.

Her body is slammin’.

The two problems are her face and her attitude.

Until she gets those right, she’s not going any higher.

I heard it from two major film producers.

Not trying to be be mean here.

Just relaying what they said.

She could fix both things if she wanted to.

You know who’s gonna tell her to her face that her face is too ugly for a giant movie screen and that her attitude is even uglier? Nobody!

Well, at least she’s getting steady work on the small screen.

Lea Michele

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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