To keep everyone from asking too many questions, she cut everything off.

This foreign born singer was popular back in the day.

A list at one point.

It was brief, but she was definitely A list.

She managed to keep up her career for almost a decade and made a lot of money.

The thing is though a lot of that money was funny money.

Sure, she sold a lot of records.

A whole lot.

She also toured. A lot. The problem is there was a three year period where she was making no money but sinking a ton into a new record which crashed and burned by the way.

So, she has all these huge expenses but not much money coming in.

Plus, the money she had coming in she was forced to split with a bunch of different entities.

So, bring in the personal performances.

The $50K for an office party or a birthday party.

Then one day someone offered $100K for a private performance and that performance had our married singer spending the night.

The next thing you know she was rolling in dough.

$100K here and there at least a couple of times a month.

She would sing a few songs and then spend a few hours or night with the host.

Things were great until people started talking about one of her performances and the massive amount of money she received.

To keep everyone from asking too many questions, she cut everything off.

She got that thing out of the media super quickly and since then has been scared to death to ever do the private performance thing.

This has caused her to really lower her standard of living.

Hopefully she can get a judging gig somewhere.



Do you believe it?

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