They knew about the problem months ago and chose to sweep everything under the carpet

If you weren’t mad enough about this story about a family that is already in the news, just wait until we drop this bombshell!

It turns out that network executives KNEW about the problem with the cast of this TV show MONTHS AGO!

Here’s what happened.

Even though these two television shows appear to be completely unrelated, they are actually part of the same network. And, like most networks, they encourage and arrange cross-promotions between shows whenever possible.

The cast of the first show was scheduled to do an appearance on the second show.

You probably already heard about the fact that the second show turned down the appearance of the first show’s cast and reported the problem to law enforcement.

Well, that’s not the whole story!

The second show could not just “pass” on a major network cross-promotion without giving a reason to their network bosses.

So they told the network executives about the problem with the first show’s cast.

And guess what the network executives did about it? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

They did not want to do anything that would cause controversy or stop the income stream from the first show, so they did nothing and simply hoped that the problem would remain a secret.

So when the network finally does make some sort of announcement about how shocked and surprised and sad they are about the events… know that they are LYING.

They knew about the problem months ago and chose to sweep everything under the carpet so that they could keep the show on the air and continue to profit from it.

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Do you believe it?

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