They have forgotten what a holy terror she was and how everyone hated working with her.

This actress is looked at fondly and everyone loves her.

All they remember is classic television show everyone loved and the tragic life event.

They have forgotten what a holy terror she was and how everyone hated working with her.

Hell, they still hate working with her, but the general public doesn’t know that because we have her riding unicorns under rainbows because of what she went through.

It was not that long ago that she was getting trashed by tabloids and other actors.

When they talk about the actors on the show being awful to work with, they tend to shout out the name of a different actress on the show. The fact is, she might seem aloof now, but back in the day, she wasn’t the troublemaker, the subject of our blind was.

There is no doubting she can be a very good actress.

She is a multiple Academy Award nominee.

I’m not going to say winner because she has never won.

No one wants to vote for her.

People are shocked she even got enough votes to be nominated.

You will notice that her reputation for trouble has caused her to lose out on some very good roles the past five or six years.

Why work with her when someone else will come in and be refreshing and positive.

She thinks acting is beneath her except when she wants the perks from it.

She used to be in three or four projects a year until people finally caught on.

She had to go the humble pie route in the past few years to get any work after coming up dry for years at a time.

As soon as someone does give her a job, they regret it but if you talk to the tabloids they all give her a pass.

Everyone else would be called out about it, but not her.

Michelle Williams
Tragic life event: Heath Ledger’s death
Aloof actress: Katie Holmes


Do you believe it?

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