They dish dirt and they make their own dirt.

You would think that this particular position on a film set would not really be all that scandalous.

For the most part it isn’t, but there are enough stories about enough of the people who do it for a living that chances are good that if you need drugs or pills or some stolen botox, this job position will probably have it. They know everything about everyone because of all the time spent with actors and actresses and most of them if they have been in the business long enough have also been to the homes of a lot of the actors and actresses they deal with on a daily basis.

They dish dirt and they make their own dirt.

A trend I have noticed over the past four or five years is for these people to be personally requested in the contract of an actor or actress.

Generally, it is the actor who requests them.

Gone are the days when everyone on set would use the same person.

Now, it is a status thing to have your own which also necessitates hiring more and more which adds to budgets.

Why do the actors personally request their own?

Well, how do I put this delicately.

Some of the people in this position do much more than the job description that you would normally equate with this position.

They get paid for the job and then they get paid extra for the extra work they are performing.

Even though it is actors that are the ones who want this service, men and women are equally in demand.

This blind involves a woman though.

She has been personally requested several times over the past three or four years.

One of those times was by this Academy Award winner/nominee who she helped in a movie in which he was nominated.

He kept raving about her to other people and soon she attracted the attention of a director.

They are the best to know.

They can keep you working and also get you put in charge of the whole department for their trained position.

If you are put in charge, it is one of the easiest ways to pick up an Academy Award.

Anyway, this director fell in love. He thinks it is love.

She is just enjoying the ride.

She went from wanting more work to basically stopping work entirely because she knows what this A+ list director wants and likes and she gives it to him all of the time.

The guy is like a kid in a candy store and wanders around after her like a puppy dog while he spends thousands upon thousands of dollars making sure she is always happy.

Five years she was basically working for reality television shows and then she landed the actor and made it to movies and now she thinks she has made it super big.

This is why the men and women have changed the description of what their position provides and people are clamoring to get a chance at one of the jobs.

She is not alone, she just happens to be the one I chose because of who she has managed to land and land in the past.

Courtney Hoffman, Costume Designer
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Actor: Christoph Waltz


Do you believe it?

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