They all wanted to meet the other singer.


Night At The Theatre – A Reader Blind Item

Here’s one from memory lane: This story begins with a specific date and time: the night of October 15, 1993.

The setting is a theater in mid-town Manhattan – one with an educational name.

On this night, the procurer for the foreign-born headlining act had to do double duty. Normally tasked with rounding up barely legal fans of one sex for the after party, he was now tasked with finding barely legal fans of both sexes.

The reason was the front man for the second opening act.

This band had recently been signed to a major label bearing the founder’s name.

The singer had been on tv performing someone else’s song at an awards show, and one or two of their songs were getting airplay.

In his mind, he was already a big star, and deserved this service too, so it was added as a secret rider.

The trouble the procurer was having was that the billing was a mismatch.

The headlining act played a kind of music beloved by kids in black, and this other band was more influenced by earlier, classic ones – including that one with the most generic name.

More or less everyone in attendance was there to see the main act, and basically no one had heard yet of this other band – including the young people he was trying to lure backstage.

They all wanted to meet the other singer.

And they just weren’t his type.

He ended up having to call in a favor to a talent agent he knew, who supplied him with roughly a dozen barely legal models and actresses to play the part of screaming fans.

Apparently they succeeded, because even when the young women couldn’t name a single song by the band he just thought they were drunk, or something.

But the singer was right about something.

Over the next year, the band would become A list, selling out much larger venues than the headlining act would ever play.

There’s one song though that never made the cut off the debut album, which also has the album’s title.

In the song the singer predicts his own downfall, basically declaring himself a martyr for his conduct.

Within a few years, the main collaborator for the other singer would leave the band.

It was in part the proverbial creative differences, but also because of what he accused the singer of being.

If this blind was about a show for the follow-up record, you might – because of its ambition, and echoes of those beloved/hated often double-record outings in the 70s – have called it a Night at the Opera.

Extra points for getting the words to the second singer’s song/confession.

It was recorded at a later date.

Theater: The Academy

Foreign-born headlining act: Brett Anderson
Brett Lewis Anderson is an English singer-songwriter best known as the lead vocalist of the band Suede. After Suede disbanded in 2003, he briefly fronted The Tears, and has released four solo albums.

Front man for the second opening act: Adam Duritz
Adam Fredric Duritz is an American musician, songwriter, record producer, and film producer. He is best known for his role as the frontman for the rock band Counting Crows, of which he is a founding member and principal composer.