There were a couple of actresses that were safe, but not many.

Back in the day there used to be all kinds of spinoffs.

Then, until the past couple of years there were a void of them.

One of the more successful spinoffs was launched in an effort to make more money, but it also rewarded this behind the scenes celebrity for her help and silence with this at the time A+ lister.

She knew secrets so she was given a huge role in the show as a thank you.

I think it was pretty much a given at the time that she was going to use the show as her own personal sexual playground. Like a lot of shows that have sexual predators in charge, it featured a large turnover each week of young women.

In this case, the one in charge, a female was just as lecherous as men in the same position.

If you wanted any kind of speaking part on the show you were going to have to sleep with her.

Most of the main cast on the show also had to visit her trailer for “instruction” a couple times each season.

If you didn’t?

Bye bye to the show or at least to any kind of regular appearances on the show.

There were a couple of actresses that were safe, but not many.

She purposely tried to ensure there were no stars made so she could keep applying the pressure.

Even when one did stand out, she still didn’t have enough power until later in the run to stop having to make instructional visits.

Behind the scenes celebrity: Jasmine Guy
A+ lister: Bill Cosby
One in charge: Debbie Allen


Do you believe it?

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