There she is, still around, still with the same guy, and thismuch closer to ending her life

Inevitable really.

With her family history and all that surrounds her.

There were high hopes of course.

The family always has high hopes for their offspring.

Not in the same way a parent wants their child to succeed.

No, this is something different.

The family relies on their offspring.

Instilled from an early age that they must provide for the family.

Not just provide, but provide at a level that lets the rest of the family, especially the parents, live a very comfortable lifestyle.

So, the teen was sent packing overseas.

It was not much of an assignment. Oh sure, a big deal was made, but she was just like the hundred of other models sent overseas in a strange place.

That particular corner of the world prefers their models to be blonde.

Our model was not blonde.

It was hoped that because of who she was that she could make it anyway.

She struggled.

She started off with “go sees” but no one wanted her.

Sure, a magazine shoot or two for smaller publications were heralded as her being the next big thing.

In reality, she was halfway around the world from home and no money was coming.

So, she did what she could to survive.

She started sleeping with executives for money.

At first it was just to pick up a few bucks so she could move from the cramped apartment she was living in with other models- Russians mostly.

Then, those first few gigs led her to more semi-permanent relationships.

Soon, she was living in a luxury apartment all by herself.

She would entertain a few hours a day and then spend the rest of the day with her new best friend.


Drugs were hard to get, but for some reason, heroin was pretty easily obtained for someone doing so many favors for the wealthy.

A year went by and she was a mess.

Still not 18, and addicted to heroin and one abortion performed.

She returned home where she was placed in a kind of home rehab.

The family didn’t want the scandal of her going to rehab.

That is what they said.

Honestly, they just didn’t have the money for it.

At home, she kept herself to pot and hung out at home.

Her rehab “counselor” thought pot would be a good come down drug for the model.

She then started hanging out with a band she met.

The singer took a liking to her.

He was heavily into coke and pot and whatever else he could find.

She started using coke with him and began to slip back into the world of addiction.

They went out for almost a year.

Out being they holed up in whatever hotel room he was stashed in while recording doing drugs and having sex.

When the record was finished, so were they.

Nowhere to go, she went overseas again.

This time the opposite side of the world from where she had been.

Still a curiosity, she got involved with a guy who paid her well for sex, but with the sex came beatings.

Lots of them.

She turned to drugs to help the pain and to get her through to the next beating.

Her family was not much help.

The closest member of her family to her said it was the price to pay and that you should enjoy the money and gifts and just block out everything else.

So, there she is, still around, still with the same guy, and thismuch closer to ending her life.

Ali Lohan
Parents: Dina and Lindsay Lohan
Modeling and living in South Korea
Singer: Matt Healy


Do you believe it?

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